Why You Should Trim Your Nails?

One of the most annoying things as kid was getting scolded and reminded about how you were not trimming your fingernails. Sure, it was always an easy thing to forget or you just didn’t want to do it since it seemed so trivial and was a fairly boring task. The problem was that as kids, we just didn’t know much about the world yet, and trimming our nails was the least of our problems. When it comes to nails, there are various reasons to cut them regularly, since you will be surprised to know just how many infections and diseases can affect them if not taken care of properly.

Our nails keep growing continuously at a very slow rate. In fact, they started growing when you were in your mother’s womb, that is, even before you were born! Different nails grow at slightly different rates. Fingernails grow much faster than toenails, with the middle and ring fingernails growing the fastest of all. As a result, fingernails will need to be cut once every week or two, while toenails can be cut at much longer time intervals. This however doesn’t mean that we should neglect our toenails. They should be taken care of just as much as our fingernails.

The most common reason given to us for cutting our nails as kids was to avoid them getting too long and breaking off after hitting something. When your nails get too long, you need to be careful about not injuring yourself, since very long nails tend to break off or tear very easily. This can be quite painful if a large chunk of nail is torn off. Long nails also tend to get stuck in various tiny spaces and crevices, which could lead to your whole nail getting ripped off. This could be extremely painful and might even require a visit to a foot doctor.

One other reason for trimming your nails is to avoid them growing them inside, penetrating your skin. Commonly known as ingrown nails, they can easily lead to even greater issues, such as infections. Ingrown nails are more common on toenails, since they are not often given enough attention by most people. Severe cases where larger infections might require ingrown toenail surgery in Singapore, but proper cutting procedures and early detection of ingrown toenails can prevent such scenarios from happening. While you may think cutting your nails very short is a good idea, it is not since very short nails can stunt the normal growth of your nails and cause an ingrown nail.

Nail infections are also very dangerous, especially so if left unattended for long. While ingrown nails do increase the risk of getting infections, you could get infected through other means as well. Wearing dirty socks and shoes frequently makes it very easy for bacteria and fungi to accumulate inside your nails, so be sure to change your socks and shoes often, while keeping your nails clean and cleaning off dirt regularly, just like you wash your hands and feet.

While you should not have many problems with taking care of your nails, there is a very simple method to make the cutting process easier. Wet nails tend to be easier to cut, so it is suggested to trim your nails after taking a bath, wash or after wetting your nails separately.