Tips On Moving Your Company With Minimum Damage

The growth of a company often triggers a lot of change. Though you have been rooting for your business’ success, almost right from the beginning; you are never fully prepared for those changes. The change of locations of the business premise is one of those major inevitable results of a growing business.

But moving a company isn’t as simple as moving a house. It takes a lot of planning, and if done incorrectly, it can cost you a lot more than the money you spend on movers. Here’s how to move your company while doing minimum damage to it.

Take your time looking for the idea location
If you’ve started the business up from scratch, or if you had to build your company with minimum funding, then it’s possible that the last time you had to hunt for a business premise, you were focused mainly on the money you’d have to spend. This time around, since you don’t have to shift buildings in a hurry, try to find the ideal location that would fit your business and help you find profit from it as well. By now, you would know what your current building is lacking in, be it lighting or parking space—make sure to find a place that has everything your company requires.

Don’t let the important and confidential documents fall into wrong hands
Every company has its secrets and important documents that’ll do better staying safe. To avoid a situation where it may get misplaced or damaged during the move, opt to move them out well before you begin moving your company. Of course, you could take it home with you. But if this is not an option, then consider hiring business storage units in Singapore. These can also be the temporary home for valuable machines and equipment, until your new company has been settled.

Ask for the support of employees
The loss or misplacing of personal belongings is definitely an issue when it comes to moving a company. Unlike the machines and equipment, personal belongings and furniture can’t be put away into a rent storage sthat provides safe keeping. Ask your employees to pack up their own things, and if possible, transport it themselves as well. This will not only make sure that their things stay with them, but it’s also a good way to cut down moving costs that the company has to bear.

Don’t forget to let your customers and client know in advance
It’s true that most companies face a certain amount of loss during that period of moving; it’s inevitable. But to reduce the damage, confusion and disappointing clients, make sure to let them know well in advance about your moving. Have business cards printed out and if possible, start handing it out around 3 months in advance. Don’t forget to update your address in your advertising and social media accounts as well.