Tips On How To Wash Your Curtains

Most of us use curtains to cover windows whether you’re in a tropical country or temperate country. They shade us from the sun and offer some privacy from outside while still allowing some light to seep in. Therefore, they are functional as well as decorative. But it is seldom that we think about cleaning or washing the curtains in our homes. We will be educating on how to safely wash your curtains in this article.

You can take your curtains to a laundry service in Singapore to give them the proper care required or you can try washing them at home. A professional cleaning service will know how to treat your curtains exactly and they will be returned to you perfectly. It’s better to not use strong detergents when you’re washing them at home. Curtains can absorb odours from your home and they tend to discolour over time. If you have dark coloured curtains, the discolouration will be slight. Light coloured curtains will need more care to keep them looking pristine.

You can use the washing machine for curtain cleaning depending on the type of fabric. You will need to wash them using the delicate cycle. If this option isn’t available, you can select a cool wash with a slow spin cycle. Some materials tend to shrink when they’re in the washing machine. It is better to hand wash these instead. It is usually easier to wash lightweight curtains in the machine as heavier curtains tend to retain water. When you’re hand washing the curtains, you can use a regular laundry detergent that you use at home. Or to remain on the safe side, you can pick out a soap that’s made for hand washing delicate fabrics. Be very sure when you measure out the product for use. Hand washing is of course much harder than machine washing but it is a good option for cotton fabrics.

Another way you can clean curtains is by steam cleaning. It will make the job much easier for you. When you’re doing it, make sure that you start from the top and work your way down. Don’t let the material become wet. If you notice this happening, hold the steam cleaner a little further away from the curtain. You need to protect yourself when you use it as steam can burn your skin. You can use this method for heavier materials or when it’s difficult to unhook the curtains from the rail. You have to maintain the curtains regularly as well. If you’re using a vacuum to clean your floors, include the curtains in the routine as well. You can use the soft brush attachment for this. The basic tips you need to remember is to wash lightweight curtains in the machine, delicate materials by hand washing and heavy materials by steam cleaning.