Perks Of Studying Law With Accounts

Law is a subject that has a wide knowledge and many amendments that came from time to time. It is different from state to state and has a lot to with reading. A student takes at least four to five years to finish a LLB degree and then only he/she will be eligible to join the courts and serve as a lawyer. However there are parts that are common in law and it can be seen the same law applied in different countries. Moreover there are jurisdictions that follow foreign jurisdictions as well in many instances to reach justice. Therefore it could be concluded that law is a valuable and a great career to conduct for a person who has an interest towards it. As same as law, accounting is also an interesting subject which deals with mainly loss and profit, income and expenses and also liabilities and assets.

The connection of these two subjects arises when it comes to audit jobs in Singapore. If a lawyer wishes to incorporate their own audit company, he/she will need no other person to handle the legal aspects and the accountings if he/she has gone through both law and qualifications such as CIMA, because that’s what basically matters and what is needed to fulfill the tasks at an audit company. Therefore the income will never be separated as one body will be able to earn the whole and enjoy the whole benefit. Even though they are two separate subjects this is one point that they get together to serve one purpose. 

Moreover the opportunities are not limited, banking jobs are also open for lawyers who have done both law and accounting. Many legal officers who are working in banks have gone through these studies to obtain a special place in their profession. Unlike other professions, it is an area that updates day by day and it is better if it is someone who is aware of the local and the international legal systems. As lawyers hold this position, they are highly qualified if they have accounting capabilities as well.

Furthermore consultation services and instructing attorneys are also well recognized if they are qualified with the standard accounting knowledge that is required in the field today. This is the reason why many law students are advised today to follow accounts while sitting for their bar exams. It is a priceless knowledge that one will gain to reach higher standards and important opportunities for life as it adds more qualifications to balance you in any society.