Give The Right Business Presents The Right Way

A very effective method of winning new potential customers is through business gifts. These can be small but useful gifts given by a company to its already established customer base and supplier clients or to new potential customers at events such as exhibitions and conventions. With their potential ability to draw in new profits for the company, it is definitely important that a company understands how to successfully capture the heart and mind of a potential customer through a simple gift. Here is a quick rundown of what you should be concentrating on when selecting a gift:

• Make it stand out – a business gift should naturally stand out, because its main purpose is to leave an impression of the company upon the recipient. If you opt for bland pens or notebooks, or the other dozens of gifts you usually see companies give their customers, you are not doing anything different from them, and that is where you are going wrong. In order to resonate with the customer, go for an effective twist – you can even use normal gifts and switch them up as customised gifts, in a way that the customer will immediately know from which company it was from.

• Make it useful – a corporate gift in Singapore has to be useful. This is a ‘no questions allowed’ quality that the business gift must possess. If you were to gift a piece of porcelain or whatnot, which has no real practical sense, you will notice that it will quickly make its way into a drawer or cupboard of your customer, where he or she will rarely take it out from or see it again. A gift that is often used will stimulate the customer as it will remind him or her of the business from which he or she obtained it from.

• Make it decently expensive – we all understand that if you give more people gifts, the higher the chance you have of increasing the company’s customer base. However, what many employees forget here is that in doing so, they opt for lower quality, cheaper goods – which can do just the opposite of what they intend to achieve: they can turn away a greater number of people from your company. Always stick to moderately expensive, good quality gifts.

• Brand it – and last, but not least, never forget to brand the gift. Have the name and contact details of the company printed on, or etched to the gift in unobtrusive way, so that the customer will have a way of contacting the business when he or she feels like it. This way, you will successfully but subtly achieve your marketing goals.