Getting The Maximum Benefits From Exercise

Some people are blessed with bodies that never accumulate fat no matter how much they eat or how less they exercise; others have bodies that require constant and consistent workouts to keep in shape. Forget about an ideal figure – exercise is important to keep ourselves healthy. Then there are the people who work out properly, on time and on schedule but never seem to reap the benefits. They will see some results but it will not affect their health too much. What is going on?

The answer is simple: most people exercise wrong. They either do it at the wrong time, the wrong way or they do the wrong exercises altogether. Here are some tips on how to get the maximum benefit of exercising:

Individual AttentionIf you are just attending a group exercise class to keep fit, then you don’t need individual attention. However, if someone recommended you start exercising to improve your health (like your primary healthcare physician), then it is better to get individual attention. This is where a personal trainer comes in. He/she will ensure that workouts are tailored to your needs and that you are following the procedures correctly. People looking to fight obesity or build body mass often injure themselves when they don’t do the exercises properly. A personal trainer will guide you and get you the maximum benefits of what you’re doing.

Personal SpaceIf you are into seriously working out (and not just attending a Pilates class for the society) then you should try to work out alone. For instance, an aerobic studio rental in Singapore is not too high a price to pay for some privacy while you take lessons. Some people are insecure about their bodies and would prefer to talk to their instructors about doubts and questions privately. Exercising in your own personal space will also help you focus on your daily exercise goals without the distraction of several other bodies perspiring next to you. Of course, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone; exercising beside a friend might motivate you to work harder.

Early Bird Gets the WormOr in this case, the early bird gets the benefits. Research has shown that those who exercise in the morning reap more benefits because when we work out right after we wake up, it kick starts our metabolism into high gear; the metabolism then stays on top gear throughout the day, unlike on a normal day when the metabolism rate picks up only around midday. This means that whatever calories we eat for breakfast also get burned faster. Exercising in the morning also means that blood starts pumping around the body and the lungs work overtime to push more oxygen. This not only wakes us up but leaves us with an adrenaline and dopamine high that bodes well for the rest of the day as well.